Butter Balls Teen
Butter Balls KPopp
Name Butter Balls KPopp
Gender Male
Age Teen
Species Human
Parents Aunt Ana KPopp
Julio Nix
Siblings Family Tree
Hair color Blond
Body shape Thin
Traits Active
Lifetime wish/aspiration Friend of the World
Other information
First appearance Episode 18 (The Sims 4)

Born in Episode 18 Butter Balls and his twin Cheese Puff are the 5th and 6th Children of Aunt Ana.

He and his twin where born not looking like their mother or their father Julio Nix. Though his brother was mysteriously born with red hair, Butter Balls atleast has natual hair that somehow is the same colour as Vaggy's.

In episode 23, both him and his twin Cheese Puff aged up into teens. When aging up Butter Balls originally had grey hair but because Kelly said she would mistake him for an elder, she edited his hair back to blond.

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