Brendan Kavanaugh
Name Brendan Kavanaugh
Gender Male
Age Young Adult
Life state Human
Career University Student
Hair color Brown
Traits Hopeless Romantic, Bookworm, Party Animal, Can't Stand Art, Virtuoso
Sign Capricorn
Lifetime wish/aspiration Reach Max Influence with All Social Groups
Favorite music Indie
Favorite food Hot Dogs
Favorite color Turquoise
Other information
First appearance Episode 15

Brendan Kavanaugh is a pre-made townie who comes with the University expansion, and can be found on the Sims Wiki here. He was first introduced in the Pregnant Challenge in Episode 15, when Kelly KPopp herself went to college. He was planned to be one of her Baby Daddies, but it was not possible because, as KPopp discovered, Sims cannot get pregnant while they're at university.

This was not all we saw of him however, as you can invite Sims from university to visit. However, because friends visiting long distance take a while to arrive by the time he came to visit Kelly she was already pregnant.