Booker Singleton
Name Booker Singleton
Gender Male
Life state Human
Career Campaign intern
Siblings Rodney Singleton
Children Annette Pelly, Anorexia KPopp
Hair color Black
Body shape Fit
Traits Schmoozer, Ambitious, Charismatic, Loves the Outdoors, Party Animal
Sign Cancer
Lifetime wish/aspiration Living in the Lap of Luxury
Favorite music Pop
Favorite food Hot Dogs
Favorite color White
Other information
Baby mommas Imogen Pelly, Kelly KPopp
First appearance Episode 1

Booker Singleton was Kelly's second Baby Daddy and is the father of Anorexia KPopp. When Kelly and Booker first met they had a water balloon fight and after she gave him some flowers he walked off, causing Kelly to move onto the next guy she saw, Benjamin Schmidt. Later Kelly invited him over, but he said to call back in four hours so she invited Benjamin over instead and had his baby first.

At the summer festival Kelly got a notification saying "Booker Singleton just had a little baby! Mom and baby are both perfectly fine. Hopefully Booker is prepared for the adventure that is parenthood!" causing KPopp to yell "What?! He told me he was single!" He was in fact single, but his ex-girlfriend Imogen Pelly was pregnant. This child is Annette Pelly, and she is Anorexia's half-sister.

Eventually he came over, but seemed more interested in Accident and the Children's Barracks than Kelly. Of course she eventually had her way with him then found out he was a celebrity. Later in the series Booker's brother Rodney had a baby with Kelly too.

Booker and Kelly crossed paths again in Episode 28 as elders, when she was out looking for Accident.

He is a pre-made Sim from Appaloosa Plains, and can be found on The Sims Wiki.


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