BoobSlapper is the Evil Mr. Gnome that Kelly had in her in inventory Episode 5, which she probably mistook for the imaginary friend present her child had received in the mail. When she let the Gnome out of her inventory, evil music was unleashed. When she went in to kick him, she realized you could name him, so she picked the name BoobSlapper. Shortly after she named him, she kicked him and when she picked him up he had a different pose. this angered Kelly KPopp so she kicked him again, only for him to move position again. In Episode 7 Kelly sees that BoobSlapper has moved a Teddy Bear to the front yard with him. He probably did this in attempts to build his own army against the KPopp army of whores. Later in the episode he leaves the bear in the front yard to move and worship a statue on the side of the house. He was also even seen levitating in Episode 8 as Kelly chased a man down the street. He moves all about the house up until Episode 14 when Kelly KPopp moved from the Children's Barracks. He is seen again in Episode 15 when the KPopps moved again into the first mansion where she places him down. After that she is more accepting of him. She most likely left all of her stuff in Episode 21 when she moved to the baby farm and left BoobSlapper there with Hairy Vag.

  • BoobSlapper arrives
  • Kill it with fire!
  • Building his army
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