Bitch pudding pregnant
Bitch Pudding KPopp
Name Bitch Pudding KPopp
Gender Female
Age Young Adult
Life state Human
Career Unemployed
Parents Pig Shanks KPopp (adoptive father)
Children Accident II KPopp, Tallywacker KPopp
Hair color Black
Body shape Average
Traits Kleptomaniac, Brave, Athletic, Ambitious, Genius
Sign Scorpio
Lifetime wish/aspiration Become a Superstar Athlete
Other information
Baby daddies Narwhal Rumplestilt, Jose Hawkins
First appearance Episode 27
Bitch Pudding you fucking bitch!

–KPopp, when Bitch Pudding was cockblocking VaggySunshine

Bitch Pudding is the adopted child of Pig Shanks. She is the first (and so far only) adopted Sim in this series. She was adopted as a child but she was aged up so she could quickly have babies. In Episode 30, she gave birth to the very first great-grandchild of Kelly KPopp, Accident II, named after her uncle Accident.

KPopp doesn't always remember that Bitch Pudding is Pig Shanks' child as opposed to Kelly's so sometimes refers to the other girls as her sisters rather than her aunts.

In Episode 36 we see that Bitch Pudding is most likely the one leaving all of the hot dogs on the kitchen counters, as she is holding a tray in the kitchen surrounded by all of the other old hot dogs.


Bitch Pudding has given birth to Accident II KPopp,  Kelly's first great-grandchild, and Tallywacker KPopp.


  • Pregnant with Accident II
  • Bitch Pudding the hot dog culprit
  • Bitch Pudding's Family Tree in Episode 40
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