Alton Yamamoto
Name Alton Yamamoto
Gender Male
Life state Ghost
Career Butler
Children Sludge Hooker KPopp, Hookah Boots KPopp
Hair color Dark Brown
Traits Neat, Frugal, Family-Oriented, Brave, Virtuoso
Sign Aquarius
Other information
Baby mommas Kelly KPopp
First appearance Episode 2

Alton Yamamoto was Kelly KPopp's third Baby Daddy of the challenge. He was the first butler of the series to become a Baby Daddy. His children, Sludge Hooker and Hookah Boots were the first set of twins Kelly gave birth to, and it is often stated that they inherited the "cute" gene from him, as they looked better as children than their older siblings.

Kelly was flirting with Alton before Anorexia was even born, causing her to gain a naughty reputation. Accident tried to cock-block them, first by sleeping in Kelly's bed, then having a birthday party, and yet again by graduating. However, Kelly quite happily skipped Accident's graduation and tried for a baby with Alton.


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